Extra Ticket Alert!
I suddenly have an extra ticket to tonight's sold-out sigur rós show. If you want to go with me, please send an email with your Name and Hometown.

* To go, obviously, you must be able to meet me at the Beacon Theatre at 8pm.

** You don't need to be a superfan. If you've never heard of them -- that's cool, start now by listening to a recording of Olsen Olsen.

UPDATE: The show was great, one of a kind! Hurry, they only have a few more shows left in North America.

Kottke has a recap, and Flickr has photos.
Posted at 10:53 AM.

Dominic said...
Man, this is one band I would see over and over again. Too bad it's in New York, but I'll be seeing them here soon in San Diego. The new album, which came out today, is amazing, their best work to date I think.

Now if only Explosions in the Sky would tour soon.

Please post details/pictures of the show.

12:15 PM

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