Nikola posted some pictures from Wednesday night's welcome party for Arianna Huffington.

There's a candid shot of me eating a quesadilla, and Michael Stipe crouching on the left, and Rhys Coiro, who plays Billy Walsh on Entourage (The director of Queens Boulevard), on the right. What a ridiculously good/bad photo for my scrapbook.
Posted at 10:38 AM.

will said...
congrats on the mention, you guys are in some huge company.

but nikki f's assesment of arianna is kind of true, she and everything she works with is much ado about nothing.

she's a total hack, and a squish lacking real backbone.

sad stuff to be honest ... glad you all got some good booze and a chance to kick it with those guys.

keep up the good work.


1:40 PM

Paul M said...
Very cool. I talked to Michael Stipe a few years ago at the Sundance Film festival. He was driving a rental car through a parking lot and asked me for directions. So yeah, we're tight...
7:36 PM

Chris said...
the tones of those photos are way cool
3:39 AM

Kara said...
Not like I get starstruck very frequently, but I would have fell on my knees at the sight of Michael Stipe.

Zach, please, promise me that if I ever find a time machine you will take me back to this party so I can turn into a ball of mush at Stipe's feet.

10:30 PM

fin said...
It looks like he's holding his heart...or maybe taking a pledge.
10:46 AM

lollie60 said...
How can I meet Rhys Coiro ?

I want to have hot monkey sex with him !

9:01 PM

N8 said...
Someone needs to have hot monkey sex with Zach since today (9/26) is his birthday!! Happy Brithday friend!
7:38 AM

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