Vimeo 4.0 is live!

Finally, after 16 weeks of development, we relaunched Vimeo today. It's an incredible thrill -- and relief -- because now my family and friends will have a better idea of how I spent the last quarter-year. Also, I hope they now understand my stretches of late night mania when I couldn't think or talk about anything other than it, and I would often choose to stay at the office rather than go out. Having launched only minutes ago, I can already say that it was all worth it. I am proud of what we made. I feel it's the best site I've designed.

Vimeo began in late 2004 as Jakob's side-project. Originally, the site provided a way for people to create automatic movies. By tagging individual clips, you could then create a movie by entering a string of words, and out would pop a montage assembled with clips associated with the terms you entered. Months later, as similar websites sprouted up, we began to understand just how quickly the personal video-sharing trend would spark. At the time, CV was still a 6-person company, managing and developing several businesses, and so, subsequently, Vimeo took a backburner to bigger projects already in the pipeline. Over the year that followed, our company grew to 18 employees, and Jake and I hired two brilliant programmers, Kunal Shah and Andrew Pile. They assumed a huge chunk of our regular workload and helped make it possible for Vimeo to become an official CV project in November 2005. Andrew and Kunal have also contributed tremendously to Vimeo itself. Kunal developed the Flash player and some of the interactive programming, and Andrew built several sections of functionality. Most importantly, Jakob's imagination and obsession made it all possible, and for this we owe him.

Now, a year and half since its first form, Vimeo is an easy way to share video clips with people you know, or, often, people you meet. I encourage you to try it out, if only to do me a favor and help me track down one of the 1000+ quirks that must still exist in the design and programming.

Whether you plan to upload clips or not, the site is most fun if you're a registered user. The signup takes less than 15 seconds, so I suggest you start there. Afterwards, check out my profile for an example or just start watching clips. Oh, one note here: Vimeo is different from sites like YouTube because we encourage users to upload personal clips that are interesting to, say, their family and friends. We don't intend for Vimeo to become filled with viral internet clips. We want to stay close and personal.

With that preface, I would like to share some of my favorite clips:
  1. Jesse's report about a sweater his grandmother gave him
  2. Old clip from college, when we locked Nick out in hall, naked
  3. The diary of one particular subway rider
  4. Synchronized dancing at a talent show
  5. Jake's mom's self-portrait
  6. Clip Art Bike Ride
So, yeah, start there and please do not hesitate to send your first impressions and critiques. We need this feedback to help us make it really really good.


PS. In related news, 10 video-sharing websites were reviewed and Vimeo was named best site to post your clips.
Posted at 4:48 PM.

Brian Balfour said...
Congrats on the new version launch.
7:01 PM

Aaron Dailey said...
Wow. The site is SO much more aethstetically pleasing. I like the look and feel of it so much!! Unbelievably great job guys.
7:14 PM

Janine said...
It makes me smile. Beautiful job.
7:23 PM

toby said...
very spiffy! great work.
7:39 PM

Andrea (Jake's mom) said...
Oh, I'm so proud of you all! Your excellent summary took me right back to early 2005, when Jake unveiled vimeo at the first annual vloggercon. And now look what you all have done - you must have bonded a lot along the way, it's evident in how tightly put together the site is, and beautifully rendered. Congratulations!!!
8:54 PM

paul said...
you're gonna have some people copying that flash player..

very nice

9:13 PM

Keith said...
Congrats man! This version looks incredible, I'll be using it a lot more.
9:24 PM

Osvaldo said...
Great new look. I loved the quick sign up, how simple the design was. Great job!
10:40 PM

Jess Jams said...
I'm so proud of you guys! I love V4 and am so glad you finally got it up seeing as you'd worked so hard on it.

Nice work guys!

10:40 PM

Caitlin said...
The new design and interactivity is so impressive. I hope you know just how much all of your work is appreciated by all of us who consider Vimeo one of the biggest parts of our daily lives.
11:33 PM

Odes Roberts said...
Wow version 4 is so fancy i like it alot after 16 weeks of working on it now you can rest huh?
1:27 AM

Jack said...
Looks great! And, aside from the site itself, the new flash player for embedding on other sites works like a dream compared to the old Quicktime thingy.

Nice work.

8:49 AM

Wezzo said...
Awesome Zach, Vimeo has always been my favourie video sharing thingie and this new version is just beyond what I expected from it. Nice!
10:33 AM

Kaushal said...
i'm luuuving it! smexy new logo, the colors, the interface - sigh. i'm in love. again!
1:06 PM

VJnet said...
Great job on v4!!! You boiz and gurlz rock! Vimeo is my fav video sharing shite. - BustB!G
2:38 PM

Matt Butterworth said...
Random question: Does the number of views count the requests of videos embedded elsewhere?
6:16 PM

Angie said...
great great job, you should be hella proud!
6:19 PM

Zach said...
Everyone: Thanks for the feedback. I'm very appreciative.

Matt: No, not yet, but we're currently working on it.

6:36 PM

Jan said...
The whole new design totally blows me away (especially when compared to v3)! And most of the new features really rock and most of them are pretty useful, too!
10:23 AM

Kate said...
I'm constantly amazed by you boys. Keep up the good work.
10:27 AM

old wild bill said...
well done you guys.. I'm currently helping a couple of others on how to vlog and am steering them toward using Vimeo.

Now how about creating some kind of premium service so you can start seeing some greenbacks for all your fine work?
I think we all appreciate the lack of ads and the sense that Vimeo "is not evil" (as they say) and would like to keep it that way.

bill (in washington dc)

5:58 PM

Dan said...
Really hot design. It feels like a concrete object with edges and feelings instead of a webpage.
1:27 AM

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