Connected Ventures + IAC
My partners and I are proud to finally announce that we have sold a majority stake in our company to Barry Diller's InterActiveCorp, which spun off Expedia last year and currently owns TicketMaster, Bloglines, Ask, Evite, Match, and many successful others.

Having grown CV from a startup to a sustainable business, we're now curious just how far we can take this. Admittedly, only a couple of years out of school, we knew we couldn't do it alone, and are excited to have been matched with Mr. Diller and the talent he has assembled on his end -- people like Michael Jackson, their president of programming, once the executive at BBC responsible for Da Ali G Show and Trading Spaces, who most recently chiefed USA Networks.

Friends have asked me whether we are moving -- nope, we're staying in the same spot, just a few floors above our apartment. Little else is changing. We still don't have to dress up for work, but now our kitchen cabinents are filled with snacks. Best of both worlds, really.

Oh, and I guess you can technically buy stock in us now, since we're part-owned by a public company. Point your broker to ticker IACI.

Finally, I thank those, especially my best friends and family, who have advised and encouraged me so thoughtfully over the past few years. And, most importantly, thank you Jakob, Josh and Ricky for inviting me into our partnership and this opportunity. We did good.

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Posted at 10:24 AM.

Scott said...
Congrats! Looking forward to exciting things in the future.
11:33 AM

Scott Hurff said...
This post will be flooded with congratulations, but I want to be one that offers up my own to you.

IAC Prez Jackson said it best -- you guys have done an outstanding job growing the business with a loyal audience.

It's funny that only a few years ago I was running into you in the OGB newsroom. I'm incredibly happy for you all -- now when are we going to see the CollegeHumor party yacht?

11:33 AM

joshua said...
ka ching.
so what valuation did Connected Ventures / CollegeHumor get from the group when the buyout happened?

very nice.

12:05 PM

jimnellis said...
Could not have happened to nicer folks! Congratulations to all involved.
12:10 PM

John said...
Congrats! Hope you made some serious bank... Is everyone staying?
12:21 PM

Eric said...
A sincere congratulations to you and your partners. Well done, and very inspirational.
12:32 PM

Mari said...
Congratulations! Very exciting.
12:37 PM

Dooch said...
Well done Zach (and other chaps).

Overnight success that was many years in the making.

Now you'll be able to afford a nice Louis Vuitton bell for your bike!

12:51 PM

Judd said...
Congrats Zach. Not bad for a few years out of school. best of luck!
12:55 PM

Toby said...
Wow, congrats!
1:26 PM

rj said...
congrats to team CV! make certain though that full voting control has no influence on which snacks fill the kitchen cabinets

-best of luck

1:28 PM

Anonymous said...
score 1 for Barry Diller selling giant foam shockers.
3:07 PM

Jan said...
Hey! Congrats for the new (additional) experience those guys bring to CV.. I guess that's more important than the suitcases filled with money you're now hiding under your beds. :)

I'm excited to see how the CV-story continues!

3:33 PM

Evan said...
Well done. So, where's the celebration going to be held?
4:05 PM

Jaymes said...
Umm, came across this in the North Korea Times.
5:03 PM

Nick said...
This is probably better than landing on Mars! For hot juicy gossip about ALL of the CollegeHumor.com founders, CLICK HERE for my blog writeup.
5:18 PM

William said...
Congratulations, Zach! And of course, congratulations to the rest of the team as well.
6:27 PM

Ralph said...
Excellent, Zach!
6:57 PM

sarah said...
Wow fantastic! Good job, congratulations!
7:31 PM

John said...

That's awesome for you.

7:54 PM

natetate said...
Congrats Zach! That's really great.
9:37 PM

James Carlos said...
Congrats Zach, awesome work!
1:09 AM

John said...
Well done, Zach.
3:09 AM

Charlie said...
They know what BigShocker means, right? :)

Congrats! Every time I talk to some kid who hates accounting, but thinks he has to do it to be "successful", I tell him about these guys I met that figured out how to make a career out of having fun and creating a good time for other people around them.

Following a dream 1
Cubicle slaves 0

7:17 AM

Minic Rivera said...
Hi Zach, Congratulations! This is all about hard work paying off. I have just one question...is Vimeo included in the sale?
9:47 AM

tamara said...
Wow! Cognratulations on the sale. Good luck with this new venture of CV.
12:50 PM

Mikey said...
I already own a little IAC stock, and I'm a vimeo user! Yay!
5:29 PM

Wezzo said...
The CollegeHumor success story is one I tell often. Congrats Zach and co.!
7:26 AM

Anonymous said...
Nice job selling your intelligently run, prosperous site to a large no name corporation.
2:19 AM

Rob Sipe said...
Wow Zach. Congrats. Hmm, no one asked the question that everyone wants to know the answer to? I guess I'll have to be the resident dirtbag and ask for everyone, How much? Don't beat around the bush buddy, we want to know :)
6:31 PM

Marc Böhm said...
Wow, my congratulations, the young entrepreneur build up a start-up thats very sucessful and sell it partly to a big company. gratz !
7:39 AM

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