Best Wikipedia entry ever?
Posted at 9:55 AM.

Jessica Joan said...
...pretty good, with the exception that "bitch" is the middle seat, not the one behind the "shotgun" (at least that's how I was raised)
1:59 PM

Wynne Renz said...
I like this one:

5:56 PM

kate said...
this is the best part:
"Today, many automobile passengers consider the front passenger seat to be preferable to riding in rear seats due largely to greater control over leg room, an unobstructed view out the windshield, and better access to the vehicle's stereo and air conditioning system"

whaaa? so random and awesome

8:38 PM

Kai Töpel said...
i know this tradition from my time in the states but i don't think anybody here in germany ever calls "shotgun"... we would rather say "Ich sitz vorne", which is actually pretty boring.
8:02 AM

Anonymous said...
11:28 AM

Brian said...
we used to use game warden as a means of taking away someone's shotgun. in the wikipedia they call it double barrel or laser. i prefer game warden
3:21 PM

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