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Everything beautiful about the Nintendo Wii can be summed up in one embodiment: The Help Cat. Living deep within the Photo Channel, this is my 2007 vote for the greatest, weirdest, most terrible, wonderful User Interface Design idea of all time — contextual help you have to catch. Something about this is so totally Nintendo, totally ridiculous, and totally a great use of the Wii Remote. While we're easily amused, make no mistake, people: we spent five minutes having fun just trying to catch a cat that gives you help. What more can be said about the Nintendo Wii?
Watch: Wii Help Cat

via Andrew Pile.
Posted at 9:51 AM.

dalas v said...
haha, i know the dude who wrote that. he runs Panic software here in Portland and he's super cool. he bought all the tickets to a screening of Borat so that we could all see it for free!

have you played the Wii yet? i played it for the first time last night and i was amazed.

8:53 PM

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