Do you live within 3 blocks of Union Square?
I'm looking for a place near Union Sqaure where I can shower, store a small bag of clothes, and occasionally watch TV.

I moved to Brooklyn 6 months ago. Since then, I burn an extra an average $80 and 25 hours a month to run home to shower/change and head back to Manhattan to meet friends.

I will offer you $100/mo to have access to your apartment. I would like a key and would never visit past 10pm, unless you invited me to stay later (like if, for example, there was 2-hour episode of Lost on TV).

Please send pics of your showerhead to zklein at gmail.


UPDATE: I found a match. Will post pics of the shower as soon as I get permission.
Posted at 8:12 PM.

P said...
Does Union Square Ventures have a shower?
8:58 PM

Jessie said...
maybe you should hang out in brooklyn...
11:18 PM

Paul said...
Zach - You should consider joining NYSports Club. For $75/month you have access to a network of showers across the city. Why limit yourself to Union Sq?
8:42 AM

Ian said...
Zach, when did you start showering?
11:35 AM

ryan said...
this isn't serious, is it?!
12:43 PM

Zach said...
Yes, I am serious.
12:49 PM

Anonymous said...
paul's right - join a gym.
unless you have some weird ulterior motive for hanging out watching Lost episodes with a stranger. what would a fetish like that be called?

1:21 PM

Ron said...
yeah, where's your brooklyn spirit, son of brooklyn?
1:58 PM

Anonymous said...
The gym idea is a good one!

(although I pay $93 a month for NYSC - but that is for access to ALL their gyms). Also, you can rent a locker there. Doesn't really solve to TV issue, though.

2:10 PM

Anonymous said...
Do you really think your offer is worth it to anyone who has an apartment in that neighborhood? Let's see, you will offset someone's rent by about 3% in exchange for the right to crash out whenever you want to. Great deal.
2:18 PM

Paul said...

I will offer to pay the first month's "rent" for this if you give me the film and television rights to the story. Seriously.


2:58 PM

. d . said...
3:04 PM

Ha Ha Sound said...
Will you chip in for maid service or clean out the person's shower?
3:31 PM

Zach said...
Sure, I'll chip in for a maid, as well as keep the shower stocked with shampoo and conditioner of your choice.
4:01 PM

Rick said...
NYSC ftw. This is seriously 90% of the reason I have a membership.
5:59 PM

Daniel said...
On another note, drinks in the spirit of Fort Wayne! I know just about zero people in this city of ten million, so I will never turn down an offer like that. Keep in touch.
2:00 AM

Anonymous said...
Stay at www.achievehousing.com -- whenever you need a place Zach. More expensive but you'll have your own place to shower :)
4:00 PM

Keith said...
Just don't shower. Or better yet move out of williamsburg which will probably save yourself like a thousand bucks a month.
8:52 PM

Casey Mac said...
You can crash at my pad in Denver any time. I hear that's nowhere near NY though.
12:28 PM

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