Inspiring interior murals by Walldesign Stockholm. via Nick Gray.

Similarly, Mareen told me that even Max Ernst used to paint on his walls. Some of these paintings were later removed from the plaster, applied to canvas, and put on display. Au premier mot limpide is most well-known.
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Neat. Both Boing Boing and Preshrunk like our Dysentery shirt!
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To Find Flashy Cars And Fast Money, Visit Fort Wayne
Fort Wayne is on the frontpage of todays' Wall Street Journal (link requires subscription) for its Steel Dynamics, a homegrown steel company that has risen to international stature and is creating much wealth for a handful of locals. The article is fairly dry, but is an interesting read if you care for Fort Wayne economics. I grimaced at the mention of the area's first true gated-community, which is currently being built.

If you're like me, you won't have a subscription to the WSJ Online because it restricts articles with a paid registration requirement. Jerks. Luckily, my buddy Pete has access at work. He forwarded me the copy: PDF.


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Gone for the weekend.
I am leaving for Fort Lauderdale today to spend a few days shooting Busted Tees on the beach. I am taking along Kai, a son of the family I lived with in Germany a couple of Summers ago. He was quite a pal and the most excellent guide while I lived there. He taught me most of my first German sentences and always let me tag along to his badminton club practices. He is here for a year, attending high school in Kentucky. I think exposing him to an American Spring Break would be a necessary experience to round out his stay in the States as a teenager -- if not only to get him out of KY for a weekend.

Will be back Tuesday morning!
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NYC Photobloggers Recap
Last night was perfect! Thank you to all who came, and all that wanted to be there but couldn't; every seat was filled and dozens of people had to stand in the back. I estimate that 250 people attended.

Youngna and I spoke last, so I had to work my way through 90 minutes of throbbing nerves before they quickly evaporated and made way for my anticipation to present.

We each showed a handful of personal favorites, and then continued on to present our Candy Cane Portraits and a new project we shot in February that I like to call "Do You Live Here?" -- which is a series we shot in Times Square of tourists holding placards with questions written on them. It is not online yet, but will be in the coming week.

The audience was engaged and very fun to stand in front of. I am very eager to do it again.

Perhaps the most rewarding part of the night was the after-party at the Merc Bar. It was a brand-new experience to meet people who are familiar with my photographs. Until then I had just been publishing to anonymous readers and I had little idea of their scope and scale. But now, I have a few faces in mind when I upload new pictures. So, thanks to Jimmie, Aaron, Scott, Melanie, Heather, Grace, Sarah and Calvin for saying hello.

If you were at the event and taking pictures, please share them with me. I would like to post them here. A bunch have started to accumulate on Flickr.
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Tonight at 6pm.
Reminder: Youngna and I will be presenting together at New York City Photobloggers 3 tonight at the Apple Store in SoHo. If you are in the city, I would really like you to come and say hi.

Also, I am still looking for a cure to my butterflies. Suggestions appreciated.
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Jakob references Long Tail often. Taking note.
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Listening to Vetiver.


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So true.
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Zee elephants are coming!
I saw the elephants march into the city last night. It is was pretty neat: thousands of people lined themselves up on 34th street, from the midtown tunnel to Madison Square Garden, for a chance to see the animals stomp down a major Manhattan avenue. Quiet anticipation quickly turned into giddy pandemonium as the elephants arrived at our block and crowds stepped past the sidewalk barriers desperate to run with them. Jake, Janelle, and I posed as press and started snapping pics. A few blocks later I was noticed by a cop and told to get on the sidewalk before he locked me up. I truly wanted to be arrested for this exact crime: Jay-walking with elephants on public street. But panic struck and I sheepishly returned to the curb -- only to meet up with Jake and Janelle in the street a block down.

I put a few pictures on Flickr. This one is my favorite of the bunch.
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Comedy 101
There's a writeup about CollegeHumor in today's Baltimore Sun, which is Jake, Josh and Ricky's hometown paper -- and it blew our cover:
On a table by their front door are four small framed photos of the four guys -- useful for a stunt they call mantelpiecing. Most nights, the guys go out to parties, and before they leave they grab a photo and slip it into their pocket. Once at the party, they quietly place the photo on the host's mantel.
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Yahoo's game of photo tag:
The democratization of information is the real interesting thing about this, said Bob Rosenschein, CEO of GuruNet, ... They're messy and noisy and they're not always accurate, but they're people talking about real subjects; and in that manner they have tremendous statistical interest when they get to scale. There's a wisdom of the crowd. The most interesting applications are before us.

PS. Sorry for so many nerd updates lately.
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Whoa! Zip Decode. via Jakob.
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Google launched code.google.com, a site for external developers interested in Google-related development:
We really care about free and open source software (F/OSS) at Google, and this site is one aspect of that affection.

Also, it's official: Yahoo! acquires Flickr. I assume Flickr will lend its features to its new Uncle 360.
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Scandalous or savvy?
The fellows at Thefacebook just hired away Tricia Black who was directing their campaigns at Y2M, the independent media network. It looks like they cut Y2M out of the loop and brought everything in-house.

I am very surprised that Y2M didn't have a contract in place to prevent this from happening.
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The Zoomquilt. via cousin Jonathon.
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Youngna posted some pictures from Monday's successful LVHRD event. All of us boys. Rough-housing.
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Say Hello!
Using AIM? Send an SMS to my phone! Free, easy, and fun.
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New Busted Tees

If you're like me, you grew up playing Oregon Trail in elementary school. One of our new shirts pays homage!

Two other fresh shirts: You're Handsome and Greece.
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Andy Katz of ESPN predicts Wake Forest will win the Tourney.
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Music Video Monday!
Patrick passed along links to a couple of music videos that made my day.
Blow's Knowing Things That I Know and Beck's Black Tambourine.

Beck's new album is an instant classic and the Blow video makes me wish I had Magic cards underneath my bed to play with on a rainy day.
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Congrats to Jessica for making The Media's Top 100 People to Know.
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New York City Photobloggers Conference
Whatcha doing March 23rd? Consider attending the NYC Photobloggers conference at the SoHo Apple Store in the upstairs presentation hall. I am honored, and a bit nervous, to be speaking at the event with such stellar New York photographers as Adam Pantozzi, Jesse Chan-Norris, Joseph Holmes, Redrick deLeon, and Youngna Park.

Everything starts at 6pm, and will include presentations by Flickr and Fotolog.

Rion Nakaya
and Michael Cosentino made a nice Flash piece previewing the photographs to be presented.

Thanks to Jake Dobkin and Gothamist for hosting the event.
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Our Guide to College
I am happy to share that we have accepted an offer from Dutton, a division of Penguin, to publish our first book. It will be a Guide to College and is tentatively planned to be released in Spring 2006. The writers will include Ethan Hunter, Streeter Seidell and Amir Blumenfeld.
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Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
The boys and I are featured in Der Spiegel, Germany's biggest weekly publication.
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'There Are Many Different Ways to Be a Blogger'
Interview with Lockhart Steele, managing editor of Gawker Media and publisher of Curbed.
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It's 64 degrees!
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The Oohlas
Nick passed along a perfect song for my early morning alone in the office.
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While digesting my french toast with Wikipedia this morning, I arrived at an entertaining image and the following description:
During the late medieval period, cotton became known as an imported fibre in northern Europe, without any knowledge of what it came from other than that it was a plant; people in the region, familiar only with animal fibres (wool from sheep), could only imagine that cotton must be produced by plant-borne sheep. John Mandeville, writing in 1350, stated as fact the now-preposterous belief: "There grew there [India] a wonderful tree which bore tiny lambs on the endes of its branches. These branches were so pliable that they bent down to allow the lambs to feed when they are hungrie.". This aspect is retained in the name for cotton in many European languages, such as German Baumwolle, "tree wool".

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Prairie Dogs?
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The color photo was invented in 1903
... and the French army was taking them during World War I. I had no idea these existed (Page was removed! If you find these photos elsewhere, please let me know). via Red.
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Nick relaunched BuddyGopher after several months of retooling to ensure scalability.

It is a great web-service that simultaneously checks the away messages of your favorite AIM buddies. It keeps a 72-hour history so that you can read them as a digest anytime!

BuddyGopher is addictive and changes the way you use and regard instant messaging. It was even featured in USA Today and the Washington Post last Spring.

Please sign-up. Nick would appreciate feedback.
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Added Code 77, an exhaustive industrial design publication, to my daily bookmarks.
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Zach Klein.