Jack White's new side project The Raconteurs now has an official website, which is modeled after an early PC interface and navigated by keyboard only.

Check the media section for full versions of their first two released songs. I like them.

via Taylor at the Rotation Room.
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Sleepless in Seattle trailer remix. This is the best one since The Shining.
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I am looking for a web designer to work with me (us) at CV.

Basically, it's a full-time job designing websites. You should know how to make beautiful things with XHTML/CSS/JavaScript. Oh, and you must live in (or relocate to) NYC and be able to start right away. You'll get a handsome salary, new computer, and the responsibility of choosing the music played in our office. Your first job could be redesigning either A. Defunker.com, or B. TheDanceZone.com. I can't say which one yet. It's totally secret.

Click here for more details and to learn how to apply.

If you know someone who might be interested, please pass the link along.
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This is what a Honda sounds like via Andrew.
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The Big Ad via Dianne. Hilarious! she told me. I agree.
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My first construction project

My friend Noah Kalina just moved into an old parking garage in Williamsburg that is being converted into residential spaces. They are crude, but have potential to be whatever you can imagine. My buddy Paul and I both have an interest in practicing carpentry and construction, so we offered to build Noah a staircase to a bedroom he is lofting above his bathroom. After a few design-on-napkin sessions, we spent a day constructing the stairs. Here are some pictures ... I will put up some of it completed after it is stained.

We're looking for something new to design and build. Let me know if you have a project for us.
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A new way to experience fashion: FLY is a quaterly DVD featuring documentaries, music videos, interviews, and naturally, fashion films made by artists like Ryan McGinness, Devendra Banhart, and Boudicca. See a trailer here. via IG.
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Creative Commons works!

Creative Commons is an effort to enable copyright holders (like photographers) to grant some of their rights to the public. I place Creative Commons licenses on all photos I upload to Flickr so that anyone can use my work for free as long as they give me credit.

A few months ago, Wikipedia used a few of my concert pictures for their Coldplay, Björk, and Radiohead pages. It is rewarding to see them trickle down into the hands of people who could really use them.

Just recently, a stranger named Mark Webster from Calgary emailed me to say that he saw one of my photos in Dose Magazine only days after I put it up on Flickr. They used a photo of my friend Alison for an article about taking a vacation during the holiday season.

Strange, huh?

They never contacted me beforehand, which I guess is OK, but it would have been nice if they had. I wonder, does this happen often? What's going to become of staff photographers at small publications if Creative Commons really takes off? Mechanisms like Flickr and Creative Commons are enabling a new class of photographers and photography that will permeate all media!

It would be neat if Flickr organized a royalty system so that people intending to use someone else's photo for a commercial purpose would be charged a fee, which would be shared with the photographer. Flickr would quickly become the largest photo agent in the world, and millions of digital-camera-toting kids would be running around shooting EVERYTHING just hoping to meet a company's random stock photo need, and in the process earn a little gas money. Think Flickr's photo database is comprehensive now? Imagine it then.
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My year in cities 2005
Following Kottke's example, this is my year in cities in order of appearance:

New York, NY*
Hunter, NY*
Fort Lauderdale, FL*
Miami, FL
San Jose, Costa Rica
Managua, Nicaragua
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Grenada, Nicaragua
Fort Wayne, IN*
Narragansett, RI
Key Largo, FL
Royal Oak, MD
Atlanta, GA
Cumming, GA
Las Vegas, NV
Chicago, IL
Lenox, MA
New Haven, CT
Viersen, Germany
Düsseldorf, Germany
Köln, Germany
Prague, Czech Republic

*Visited more than once.

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Web 2.0 Cinderella Story
Vojosalsa raises $12 million.
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Seen the trailer for Apocalyto, the new movie Mel Gibson is directing? There's a hidden frame, impossible to see at normal speed, showing him smiling. Creepy!

Get to the scene the scene, press pause, and use the left and right arrow buttons on your keyboard to find the frame.
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Got a canoe?
The Shipping Bubble: The rising demand for shipping has created a demand for the stocks of shipping companies.

The list of IPOs for the past 12 months contains a record number of shipping companies, as China's impressive growth continues.
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CH Movie Update
Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, writers of the popular tv show The Office, will also be writing the script for our CollegeHumor movie. Paramount made the announcement this week. Variety has more.

Ricky did a tireless job of reading scripts and enduring the selection process. We are all very excited with the result. Many thanks to him.
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Dangerous Universe: The Simpsons creator Matt Groening said Ricky Gervais did such a good job writing an episode that he wants him to do more.
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Somewhere over France, I think.
Whoa, this is neat. I am actually on my Lufthansa flight from Munich to NY/JFK. They have wifi in their plane with download/upload speeds of 90/40kbps. Not too bad!

I heard from buddy Nick that the airline is losing money because of the service. I'll tell you why ... there is no electrical supply to power my laptop, so they can only charge me for as long as my battery lasts. It's a 9-hour flight -- that's a lot of billing time they're missing out on.

I only have 20 minutes left because I spent most of the battery watching Casablanca while waiting to take off. Who knew that was such a good movie?!
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Happy New Year! I am in Budapest. I just arrived from Prague where I celebrated last night. It is a beautiful and strange place, and with all the snow it appeared like an enchanted medieval city from a fairy tale.

I have limited internet access so I won't be posting any pictures until I get back. I managed to get one video from NYE uploaded -- it was taken just 20 minutes before midnight.
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Zach Klein.